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We at Pigar Pipes are proud to produce the first ever pipe that is specifically designed for smoking cigars. We are additionally proud to say that that’s all we do, manufacture pipes that are designed specifically with the cigar enthusiast in mind. Our pipe is made of durable food grade stainless steel which comes in a high polished finish giving it a very elegant look. The Pigar insert which screws down into the bowl is made of lightweight aluminum with a ribbed interior designed to hold your cigar firmly, keeping it perfectly in place. This insert is capable of smoking cigars from a 34 gauge up to a 64 gauge and although it’s made to fit in our pipe it is made with a tapered exterior allowing it the capability to also screw directly into any wood or briar pipe with a standard bore size of 3/4" up to 1 1/4" without damaging the bowl. This product is great for smoking short cuts of a cigar during quick smoke breaks, or with its ability to smoke a cigar down to a 1/4" it is a must have for finishing off, or commonly referred to as “nubbing” your cigar... stop throwing out the best part of your premium stick!

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More than just a pipe to finish your cigar!


We are passionate about our pipes and feel everyone who smokes cigars needs to have one sitting beside their humidor.  There are so many countless reasons you should have one, here are just a few:

  • 1) Nub your cigar down to the last 1/4" enjoying all of that sweet spot!
  • 2) Make short cuts off of your stick and have a quick smoke break without having to save a smelly stub!
  • 3) Play around with different flavor combo's by adding pipe tobacco to the bowl (under the insert) This is the best way to enjoy your Pigar and also allows you to become your own "blender"! it is truly a treat and unique experience tasting that rich cigar smoke roll over the fresh loose pipe tobacco!
  • 4) The ability to add a pipe filter and for the first time enjoy your favorite cigar in a filtered state.
  • 5) Simply because it looks awesome, classy, rugged and elegant all in one unique pipe!

So pick your reason, find the style pipe you like in our store and enjoy your cigar in a whole new way, the way it should be!


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Our pipes are in all 50 states, and in multiple countries across the world. We are growing very fast and have more and more past customers buying our pipes as gifts for family and friends because THEY WORK! Don't delay, click the start shopping tab and get your's today, it will last you for the rest of your life and is sure to be used every time your cutter and lighter are!

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